Terms And Conditions For HomeShop18’s Free Delivery Coupon

HomeShop18 (HS18) on selective products will issue a Free Delivery Coupon ( FDC ) which can be used to avail FREE DELIVERY on the subsequent purchase on its platforms  i.e. the website (www.homeshop18.com) and / or Mobile App. and/or at its Call Centre with the following terms for their usage :

  • The FDC would be issued on selective products on the platform of HomeShop18 (HS18).
  • Once the particular product with a FDC is delivered to the customer, HS18 will  send the Free Delivery Coupon  code (FDC) via email and / or SMS. The FDC  code would also be printed on the invoice that is received with the product that is delivered .
  • The FDC entitles you to FREE DELIVERY  on your subsequent purchase if there is a shipping charge levied on the product bought by the customer.
  • FDC code can be used only once and the free delivery can be availed only against one product in the shopping cart.
  • Each FDC issued will have a validity of 40 days.The FDC can be used only within this expiry date to buy a product from Hs18. The expiry date will be communicated along with each FDC code that is issued. The FDC cannot be redeemed after the expiry date .
  • From time to time, HS18 can issue FDC  with different terms from what is mentioned above.
  • The FDC code can be redeemed by calling our sales number: 1800 2580 918 (toll free) or during the checkout flow on placing an order on our website www.homeshop18.com or Mobile App.
  • No two FDC codes can be clubbed together for placing a single order.
  • HomeShop18 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at its discretion and without any intimation to the customer.
  • The FDC  is not redeemable/refundable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund under any circumstances.
  • The FDC code is non transferable . It can only be used for redemption by the customer who has been issued the same i.e. only by the customer who has made the previous purchase.
  • If a FDC code  is non-functional on account of any technical reason, your sole remedy, and the sole liability of HS18, shall be to reissue/replacement of the particular FDC code.
  • HS18 is not responsible for any lost or stolen FDC code and no representations in this regard will be accepted in any form or nature.
  • Any dispute with regard to this promotion is subject to jurisdiction in the courts of Delhi/New Delhi.
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