Holi Promotions - T&C

Mega Draw Date 16th Mar 2012

Order No. Suborder No. Name City Prize
910442459 41093879 SONAM DAS Bhubaneshwar Kitchen Makeover


Winners List - 8th March 2012

Order No. Suborder No. Name City Prize
910477567 41131401 Shyam Sundar Chennai Samsung 32'inch LCD
910505395 41161099 SHAIDA BANU Jaipur Philips headphone
910504307 41159951 AMIT SOTRA Jammu Philips headphone
910501063 41156523 PAWAN RATHORE Chandigarh Philips headphone
910495887 41151003 MAHESH SOLANKI Surendranagar Philips headphone
910493215 41148083 DEEPAK SINHA Patna Philips headphone
910481347 41135417 BALWANT PARENI Baddi Philips headphone
910479813 41133853 MAHESH REDDY Hyderabad Philips headphone
910478335 41132245 ZEENAT Aligarh Philips headphone
910477799 41131647 SAMAI DULISLAM Haldia Philips headphone
910477509 41131337 SHAILESH SONAWALE Mumbai Philips headphone

Winners List - 7th March 2012

Order No. Suborder No. Name City Prize
910477405 41131227 JAYANTA DAS Guwahati Samsung Galaxy tablet
910476107 41129823 CHETAN PATEL Surat Philips headphone
910473005 41126437 ARUN SHARMA Thane Philips headphone
910466057 41119007 GIRIJESH SINGH Bokaro Philips headphone
910460587 41113115 SAWRAJ SINGH Phagawara Philips headphone
910450021 41101851 saundrya katkar Hubli Philips headphone
910448419 41100203 AMIT TANWAR Ghaziabad Philips headphone
910447857 41099633 BB TIWARI Bikaner Philips headphone
910446971 41098617 BISHAN CHOUDHARY Jodhpur Philips headphone
910446159 41097761 ABHISHEK ANAND Purnea Philips headphone
910445711 41097269 RAJU SONKAR Kolkatta Philips headphone

Winners List - 6th March 2012

Order No. Suborder No. Name City Prize
910445503 41097053 JAGJIT SINGH Jallandhur Acer Laptop
910443991 41095457 MANISH KUMAR New Delhi Philips headphone
910441265 41092595 MADHAVI SINGH Mumbai Philips headphone
910439331 41090551 KULDEEP SEN Faizabad Philips headphone
910437191 41088339 AVRIL ANTUNIS Kolkatta Philips headphone
910434381 41085361 RUCHI SAXENA Noida Philips headphone
910431505 41082219 SANDIP DUTTA Kolkatta Philips headphone
910428599 41079089 JINA SAHOO Bellary Philips headphone
910423309 41073311 MALODE RG Aurangabad Philips headphone
910419495 41069321 GEETA ANGRISH Khanna Philips headphone
910417949 41067665 REKHA JINDAL New Delhi Philips headphone

Winners List - 5th March 2012

Order No. Suborder No. Name City Prize
910416967 41066623 NEERAJ SINGH Ludhiana Samsung Home Theatre
910414477 41063979 RAMAKANT PANDEY Daman Philips headphones
910411365 41060739 VINOD KINGRE Jalna Philips headphones
910408439 41057593 JYOTI PANDEY Lucknow Philips headphones
910402779 41051389 MAMTA DAHIYA Rohtak Philips headphones
910399279 41047651 SHRUTHI SHREE Bangalore Philips headphones
910396369 41044485 YOGESH MAHAJAN Pathankot Philips headphones
910394279 41042325 SUDHIR GOPAL Mohali Philips headphones
910391793 41039691 DAYAL SINGH MANDI Philips headphones
910390715 41038525 MURARI SHARMA Mathura Philips headphones
910390225 41037993 HARI KHANNA Delhi Philips headphones

Winners List - 4th March 2012

Order No. Suborder No. Name City Prize
910389659 41037375 M GIRI Hyderabad Blackberry mobile
910389475 41037187 SINTU KUMAR Daman Philips headphones
910389293 41036989 MANJU SHARMA Kota Philips headphones
910387831 41035361 MANOJ KUMAR New Delhi Philips headphones
910382195 41029441 MEHMOOD AHMED Varanasi Philips headphones
910376193 41023175 ANIL JENA Cuttack Philips headphones
910370707 41017385 SANGEETA KUMRA Delhi Philips headphones
910365819 41012177 GHANSHYAM Karnal Philips headphones
910361133 41007245 AMIT DAWAR Jabalpur Philips headphones
910359873 41005931 SHSRMISTHA SHAH Kolkatta Philips headphones
910359171 41005197 BHARAT KUMAR Jammu Philips headphones

Winners List - 3rd March 2012

Order No. Suborder No. Name City Prize
910358393 41004399



Samsung 20L microwave

910358305 41004305



Philips headphones

910357399 41003331



Philips headphones

910357157 41003077



Philips headphones

910330373 40974839



Philips headphones

910325911 40970119



Philips headphones

910325747 40969951



Philips headphones

910325669 40969873



Philips headphones

910325561 40969755



Philips headphones

910325497 40969691



Philips headphones

910325477 40969671



Philips headphones

Winners List - 2nd March 2012

Order No. Suborder No. Name City Prize
910320141 40964005



Glen food processor

910325413 40969603



Philips headphones

910324523 40968653



Philips headphones

910323755 40967873



Philips headphones

910323489 40967595



Philips headphones

910321705 40965679


New Delhi

Philips headphones

910321603 40965565



Philips headphones

910315733 40959287



Philips headphones

910310973 40954171



Philips headphones

910300977 40943365



Philips headphones

910299397 40941645



Philips headphones

Terms & conditions:

Eligibility: A valid entry for the lucky draw, for this contest, is subject to fulfillment of the following conditions:

  1. Realization of payment for full order payable value by TV18 Home Shopping Network Ltd.
  2. Product as per the order having been received by the customer
  3. Product is purchased in the contest period – 2-Mar-2012 to 8-Mar-2012
  • 1 lucky customer will receive the mega prize as per the prize for the day announced during the promotion by HS18 within 60 working days of receiving of the product as per order placed.
  • 10 lucky customers will receive a Philips Headphone announced during the promotion by HS18 within 30 working days of receiving of the product as per order placed.
  • 1 lucky customer will receive a mega prize “Kitchen Makeover” that consists of 1 unit of Mixer Grinder, Cook top burner, Microwave, Toaster, Induction cooker, Refrigerator within 60 working days of receiving of the product as per order placed.
  • The decision of brand, color and specification of the prize is at sole discretion of HS18 and can be changed without notification to the customer.    
  • Any cancellation of an order for any reason whatsoever, will render the order number in-eligible for delivery of prize to the customer under this contest/promotion.
  • Every order placed will be treated as a unique entry for lucky draw in the contest.
  • Prize with MRP greater than Rs. 10,000 are subject to TDS, applicable as per the Tax Law and Rules of the Income Tax Department, Government of India. The winners will have to pay TDS before claiming the prize.
  • No request for exchange of prize or money in lieu of the prize will be entertained.
  • No requests will be entertained for the exchange of one prize for another.
  • Winners’ announcement will happen on 3rd, 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th ,9th and 16th  March 2012, the Winners’ list will also be published on www.homeshop18.com
  • HomeShop18 has the right to discontinue or terminate this promotion at any time, at its sole discretion, during the promotion period, without assigning any reason or intimating the customer/s in this aspect
  • HomeShop18 reserves the right, at any time, to amend / add / remove / modify (in whole or part) any of the terms & conditions of this promotion, or to replace, wholly or in part, this promotion by another promotion, whether similar to this promotion or not, or to withdraw it altogether, and HomeShop18’s decision in this regard shall be final and requires no intimation to the customer of any sort
  • HomeShop18 reserves the right to alter the date of the lucky draw at any time at its own discretion. HomeShop18 reserves the right to suspend the results of the draw at its own discretion. Further HomeShop18 reserves the right to conduct the draw again if it finds it necessary to do so
  • All decisions of HomeShop18 regarding running / process / results, of the promotion, data selection shall be final and binding on all participants of this promotion. No appeals will be entertained in this regard
  • If HomeShop18 has suspicion or knowledge, that any entrant has been involved in any fraudulent or illegal activity, HomeShop18 reserves the right to disqualify that entrant and any related entrants
  • No employees of HomeShop18 and Network18/TV18 Group companies or their family members will be eligible to participate in this promotion
  • HomeShop18 does not warrant that the website will run concurrently and error free during or after the promotion period and does not commit any uptime of the web - site. Further HomeShop18 shall not be liable for issues related to technical, human error whatsoever
  • HomeShop18 does not warrant that the Call Center will run concurrently and error free during and/or after the promotion period, and HomeShop18 shall not be liable for issues related to technical and/or human error whatsoever
  • Any dispute with regard to this promotion is subject to jurisdiction in the courts of Delhi/New Delhi
  • Force Majeure: If at any time during the continuance of this promotion the performance in whole or in part is prevented or delayed by reasons of a Force Majeure event, then from the date of occurrence of such event, there shall not be any claim against HomeShop18 for damages, or any liability against it, in respect of such non-performance or delayed performance. For the purposes of this promotion, Force Majeure means and includes any event due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of HomeShop18 including war, hostility, fires, floods, explosives, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, lock outs, compliance with orders or instructions of any court, statutory or governmental interventions or any other acts of State or God
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