Super Deals - FAQs


I see a lot of HomeShop18 Super Deals everywhere? What is it?

These are express deals from, featuring 4-5 products every day from various categories. Super Deals comprise of some of the best discounts available online or offline.

Even though the deals stay valid till 30th June, 2012, owing to the attractive discounts, most deals exhaust within minutes.


How does a Super Deal work? Is it any different from other deals?

Generally, 4-5 products are featured under a Super Deal. Each of the featured products is combined with a number of discount/gift coupons of different values. These coupons are limited in number. If any one of the coupons expires it is disabled immediately, leaving the remaining coupons active.

E.g. If HTC Hero (priced at Rs. 22,000) has three discount coupons of values,

  • D1 = Rs. 2000 (100 in nos.);
  • D2 = Rs. 1000 (100 in nos.) and
  • D3 = Rs. 500 (100 in nos.), then the user can make use of the coupon of highest value and avail a discount of Rs. 2000.


Since, each coupon is limited in number, 100 in case of the above example, if coupon D1 is used 100 times, it will be disabled leaving only coupons D2 and D3 available for redemption.

The deal stays “live” until all coupons are used up.


Where can I see all available Super Deals at

You can view all past, live and upcoming Super Deals here.


One of your deals was supposed to go live at 12 noon on 11th June, 2012. I tried making a purchase at 12:30 but was unable to. Why?

Super Deals are one of the fastest moving deals on Though we try to keep a sufficient number of coupons for every product, the deals usually exhaust within minutes of going live. So, if you wish to avail the offer successfully, try as soon as the deal is live. You might just get lucky!


I am in love with the Super Deals. How can I subscribe to the alerts?

Go to the Super Deals home page and enter your email address in the form provided at top of the page. You will start receiving alerts instantly.



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