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About Promotions:

Festive Bonanza:
Make the best of this festive season…Buy anything worth Rs. 750 and above and you could stand a chance to win a Hyundai Eon – Fully Loaded car and Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone! Start shopping. Start winning!

Samsung Grand Offer:

Buy anything Samsung and stand a chance of winning something new and awesome every day, including 3 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS bikes and a Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.

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Terms & Conditions – Festive Bonanza and Samsung Grand Offer:    
The Company – TV18 Home Shopping Network Limited, owner and operator of the website HomeShop18.com (hereafter called “HomeShop18”) will conduct a Lucky Draw to choose the winners. 
Your chance of winning multiple prizes increases as each of your purchase is considered as a unique entry for the Lucky Draw.


A valid entry for winning any prize in this promotion is subject to fulfilment of the following conditions:
a. The customer should be a citizen of India and living in India at the time of the purchase.
b. Product(s) should be purchased during the promotion period – 24th October to 10th November, 2012 from www.homeshop18.com
c. Realization of payment by HomeShop18 for full order payable value.
d. Product as per the order, is received by the customer. In case a customer cancels the order for any reason after being selected as a winner, HomeShop18 reserves the right to cancel the prize and select an alternate winner.
e. The purchase(s) can be made through all modes of payment including Cash on Delivery, Internet Banking, Credit/Debit cards, Paid Gift Certificates, Cheque and Demand Draft.
f. Purchases made or orders placed through the phone at our call centre are also eligible for this promotion.

Winner(s) Announcement – Festive Bonanza and Samsung Grand Offer: 
a.    The Winner(s) of the Daily Prizes for Festive Bonanza and Samsung Grand Offer will be announced within two working days from the date of purchase, between 4:00 pm-6:00 pm e.g. The daily winner of purchases for 31st October, 2012 will be announced before 2nd November, 2012 between 4.00 pm-6.00 pm, and so on. However, winners of purchases made on any Saturday and Sunday will be announced on following working day.
b.     The winner(s) of the Bumper Prizes will be announced on 20th November, 2012.

•    The promotions, Festive Bonanza and Samsung Grand Offer is open for a limited period from 24th October 2012, 12:01 am till 10th November 2012, 11:59 pm.
•    Purchases made only on www.homeshop18.com will be eligible for this promotion.
•    Every product purchased on the website of any value will be treated as a unique entry for the Lucky Draw.
•    Any cancellation of an order for any reason whatsoever will render the order number ineligible for the prize, under this promotion. HomeShop18 reserves the right to choose an alternate winner at its sole discretion at that time.
•    The brands, colours and specifications of the prize(s) are subject to availability and any requests for exchange of one prize for another or money in lieu of prize will NOT be entertained.
•    Prizes with MRP greater than Rs. 10,000 are subject to Tax Deduction at Source (TDS), applicable as per the Income Tax Law and prevailing rules of the Income Tax Department, Government of India. The TDS would have to be paid by the winner to HomeShop18/or deposited with the Government as per the Income Tax Rules before the prize is delivered/handed over to the winner. TDS will have to be paid by the winner within 15 days of intimation as a winner.

o    The winners of the Daily Prize will be eligible to win the Bumper Prize. 
o    The dispatch of Daily Prizes is subject to successful transaction of the order placed (delivery will be made only in India and at a location serviced by standard couriers in India) and no cancellation.


Samsung Galaxy SIII, Pulsar 200 NS bikes
o    The winner of the Bumper Prize(s) will be announced on 20th November, 2012. The winner will be contacted by our representative for further details to claim the prize.

 Hyundai Eon – Fully loaded Car /Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS bike

o    The winner of the Bumper Prize is eligible for the prize subject to the TDS as explained above in the ‘details’ section. HomeShop18 will award a cheque to the Bumper Prize winner as per the quote (for ex-show room price) from a dealer of Hyundai/Bajaj in the shipping city of the winner. The Cheque will be provided by HomeShop18 only once the TDS has been paid by the winner. 
o    The Bumper Prize of Hyundai Eon/Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS will be subject to the Hyundai/Bajaj standard warranty and after sales service conditions. HomeShop18 will not be responsible for any product/service related query/complaint or car/bike delivery delays, if any.
o    HomeShop18 will only pay the ex-showroom price of the Hyundai Eon – Fully loaded and Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS as applicable in the chosen location. All other expenses like insurance, road / registration taxes & other levies as applicable, any accessories (other than standard provided with the model and included in the ex-showroom price), any other charges levied by the dealer e.g. handling charges and extended warranty, if any will have to be paid by the winner directly to the Hyundai/Bajaj dealer.
o    No requests will be entertained for change in model of the Hyundai Eon or Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS or any request for extra car/bike accessories or other expenses.

 Samsung Galaxy SIII

o    Colour of the phone is subject to availability with HomeShop18 or its partner vendors.

Other Terms & Conditions:
•    HomeShop18 reserves the right, at any time, to amend/add/remove/modify (in whole or part) any of the terms & conditions of this promotion, or to replace, wholly or in part, this promotion by another promotion, whether similar to this promotion or not, or to withdraw it altogether, without assigning any reason or intimating the customer/s in this aspect and HomeShop18’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding.
•    HomeShop18 reserves the right to alter the date of the Lucky Draw or suspend the results of the draw at any time at its own discretion. Furthermore, HomeShop18 reserves the right to conduct the draw again if it finds it necessary to do so.
•    All decisions of HomeShop18 regarding running/process/results of the promotion, data selection shall be final and binding on all participants of this promotion. No appeals will be entertained in this regard or any audit by a third party.
•    If HomeShop18 has suspicion or knowledge that any entrant has been involved in any fraudulent or illegal activity, HomeShop18 reserves the right to disqualify that entrant and any related entrants.
•    No employees of HomeShop18 or the Network 18 Group or their family members will be eligible to participate in this promotion.
•    HomeShop18 does not warrant that the website or the call centre will run concurrently and error free during and/or after the promotion period and does not commit any up time of the website. Further HomeShop18 shall not be liable for issues related to technical or human error whatsoever.
•    The Winners of the Daily Prizes as well as Bumper Prize hereby understand and give their irrevocable consent for personal information to be exchanged with HomeShop18 or published and/or communicated to/in any media that it may deem fit, and HomeShop18 may, at their sole discretion choose to publish or disclose the name(s), phone number(s) and/or photographs of all winners, if required.
•    Force Majeure: If at any time during the continuance of this promotion the performance in whole or in part is prevented or delayed by reasons of a Force Majeure event, then from the date of occurrence of such event, there shall not be any claim against HomeShop18 for damages, or any liability against it, in respect of such non-performance or delayed performance. For the purpose of this promotion, Force Majeure means and includes any event due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of HomeShop18 including war, hostility, fires, floods, explosives, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, lock outs, compliance with orders or instructions of any court, statutory or governmental interventions or any other acts of State or God.
•    Any dispute with regard to this promotion is subject to jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi/New Delhi.


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