How To Use: Moserbaer Biometric 16 GB Pen Drive

Enjoy the technology of Fingerprint Protection with the Moserbaer Biometric pen drive. With this by your side, you can create a private partition on the device which can be accessed using your fingerprint or password. The public partition is the only space that others can see.


Installation Process

1. Plug the Moser Baer USB directly into an available USB port on your desktop or notebook computer

 2. Once the USB is successfully connected to the system LED will light up and new Removable Disk drive would be created.

3. When you click on the BTP (Biometric Track Pad) icon, a window would appear. Click on the finger or thumb you want to register with and then enter

your “User Name” which could be a combination of letters and numbers (without spaces). Enter the “Password” and click “Next” to continue.

 4. Slide the selected finger or thumb along the Moser Baer USB sensor strip three times to register your fingerprint. This process may require few attempts before successful registration.



Login Process and Functions

1. Either swipe your fingerprint on the sensor strip or enter the password to access the protected data or change the USB settings



2. After plugging in the Moser Baer USB, the  software icon will appear on the Windows System Tray. Right click on the icon to open the main menu of the software.


System Settings: This menu allows you to manage functions such as fingerprint addition/deletion, change of password or language preference


Disk Partition: Allows you to manage the partitioning of public and private space i.e. resizing of the disk capacities.


About: Displays the current version of the Biometric software.


Quit: Exits the software


Please note: The private partition of the drive will no longer be available when the software application is closed


System Settings

Fingerprint Management: It lets you manage the addition/modification/deletion of fingerprint.

To modify the username and password for the fingerprint already enrolled click on the

finger with a dot above it. A small menu would open, choose Edit to modify. Click Delete to remove the enrolled fingerprint. Clear All would delete all the fingerprints enrolled.


Preferences: This section allows users to set the Verification Method and Language.


Authentication Method:

  1. Fingerprint: Only fingerprint used as a method of verification
  2. Password: Only password used as a method of verification
  3. Both: Both Fingerprint and Password used as a method of verification. After

successful fingerprint verification, associated password is to be entered

  1. Either: With this setting, you can verify either by using Fingerprint or

Password. In case, fingerprint authentication fails i.e. 5 unsuccessful attempts, password verification would be used.



Language: This setting lets you change the language of BTP software user



Disk Partition

This feature allows you to adjust the size of the two partitions on your Moser Baer USB.

The advantage of this feature is that you can customize the size of the Private and Public areas as per your requirements. Any information saved to the Private Disk is securely protected and can only be accessed by logging in to the Identity Authorization window; the other area will remain a Public Disk, which is freely accessible.

Click on the select Disk Partition option. Customize the Private and Public disk

spaces on the USB by sliding the adjustment bar to left or right. After you have divided the USB into the required sizes, click on the “Format” button to begin repartitioning the drive. Click “Finish” button to complete and exit the Disk Partition. Unplug and Re-plug the USB to activate the new settings.



Disk Repartition Tool

This feature allows you to re-adjust the size of the Public and Private disk spaces.


Run the Repartition Tool.exe

The Repartition wizard window would appear. Click next and follow the Disk Partition

process as mentioned above.


Disconnecting the USB

1. Right click on the icon and select Quit


2. Click , then click on the Safely Remove Hardware



If a problem occurs with your BTP, please first check the information listed below before

taking your BTP for repair. If you are unable to remedy a problem from the following

hints, please consult your dealer, service center, or local Moser Baer branch office. We also have FAQ and Support services on our websites.


Operating System cannot detect the BTP

Check the following:

1. The BTP can only be used with computers that are running Windows®7/Vista/XP.

2. Is your BTP properly connected to the USB port? If not, unplug it and plug it in

again. If it is properly connected, try using another available USB port.

3. Is the USB port enabled? If not, refer to the user’s manual of your computer (or

motherboard) to enable it.


Why is my Fingerprint not being recognized by the BTP

The sensor strip for reading your fingerprint is very sensitive and it requires a good

fingerprint scan in order to compare the scanned print with that of saved fingerprint profile.

Therefore, you need to slide your finger/thumb slowly and deliberately along the strip to

register a good fingerprint image.

1. Has the finger/thumb you are sliding along the strip been setup as a recognized

fingerprint? If not, then set it up.

2. Are you sliding the finger/thumb too quickly across the sensor strip?



Why does a “Restart Computer” message window appear when I plug in my BTP?

Sometimes the computer will mistakenly interpret the BTP as a new piece of hardware that needs to be installed. You can disregard this message and click on the “Cancel” button to continue.


Cannot find the file that was just copied to the BTP

You should always open a transferred file in its new location to ensure it has transferred

successfully. Re-copy the file and refer to the “Disconnecting from a Computer” section to remove the BTP after the copy process is completed.


A File that was just deleted still appears

Re-delete the file and refer to the “Disconnecting from a Computer” section to remove

the BTP after the delete process is completed.


Online Registration: To expedite the warranty service, please register your Moser Baer Product within 30 days of purchase.




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