HomeShop18 4 day Mobile Loot -Lowest Price Challenge

HomeShop18 4 day Mobile Loot -Lowest Price Challenge


The terms and conditions of the HomeShop18 Lowest Price Challenge (the “Challenge”) are given below:

  • This Challenge is being organized and conducted by TV18 Home Shopping Network Limited (“HomeShop18” or “We” or “Our” or “Us”).
  • This Challenge is applicable only on purchase of specific mobile handsets (“Specified Product(s)/proposition”) through Homeshop18’s website “” or through its mobile applications (“HomeShop18 Platform(s)").
  • Criteria of the Challenge: A customer can lodge a claim under this Challenge if:
  • The Specified Product/proposition purchased by him/her through Homeshop18 Platform is available for purchase and delivery at a lower price (an all inclusive price) on any of the Ecommerce websites :
      1. Flipkart
      2. Snapdeal
      3. Amazon
      4. Shop clues
      5. Jabong
      6. Myntra
      7. Naaptol
      8. StarCJ 
  • The Specified Product/proposition sold on the  Ecommerce websites mentioned above should be brand new. Re-furbished or secondhand products available for purchase on such Ecommerce websites will not be taken into account for the purpose of price comparison; and
  • The Specified Product/proposition sold on abovementioned Ecommerce websites should have the same specifications & features as the one purchased by the Customer through Homeshop18 Platform.

Challenge Period: This Challenge shall commence from 24th May 2015 12:00 pm and shall remain valid till 15st June 2015 ,12:00 pm

Eligibility Criteria: A HomeShop18 customer (‘Customer’) will become eligible to participate in this Challenge upon fulfillment of each of the following conditions:

      • The Customer has booked the Specified Product/proposition through Homeshop18 Platform;
      • The Customer has not cancelled or declined the delivery of the Specified Product/proposition and has received the same as per the order placed by him/her on Homeshop18 Platform; and
      • HomeShop18 has received the full payment for the Specified Product/proposition purchased by the customer under this Challenge.

Claim Process: A Customer should lodge a claim under this Challenge within 48 hours from the time the Specified Product/proposition is delivered to him/her, through My Account on or sendng an email at : Care@homeshop18.  Any claim lodged after 48 hours shall not be entertained. After receiving the claim, Our representative will call back the Customer within 2 working days and take the following details from the Customer:

      • Name and details of the Specified Product bought through HomeShop18 Platform.
      • The price paid towards purchase of the Specified Product through HomeShop18 Platform.
      • HomeShop18 order reference no. and date of order and date of delivery of the product.
      • Name of the Ecommerce website where such a similar product/proposition is available.
      • The all inclusive price of the similar product/proposition that is available on such Ecommerce website. This price of the product/proposition has to be the all inclusive price i.e. including taxes, shipping charges, handling charges, etc. and cost of any other accessory or product that is sold as a bundle/combo with the mobile handset. In other words, the comparison has to be on a ‘like to like’ basis to avail of this Challenge.
  • We will verify the claim submitted by the Customer under this Challenge and within 10 working days from the date of our call back, We will communicate Our decision to the Customer.
  • If the Customer’s claim is valid and successful, then the Customer will be eligible to receive a HomeShop18 gift certificate (“GC”) having a value which is equivalent to twice the difference in the price paid by the customer towards purchase of the Specified Product through HomeShop18 Platform and the price (an all inclusive price) at which it is available for purchase and delivery on the other Ecommerce website. Such GCs will be governed by the following terms & conditions:
      • The GC can be redeemed on Our website or can be redeemed by calling Our Call Center number at0120-4455918.
      • The differential amount due to the customer will be rounded off upward to the next Rs. 50.
      • The maximum value of the GC that will be given is 50% of the price of product/proposition paid to HomeShop18.
      •  Multiple GCs  in denomination of   Rs 50/100/200/500/1000 can be issued by HomeShop18 at its discretion upto the maximum value of GC eligibility.
      • The GC code will be sent to the customer either by email and/or SMS as per the details in the order placed with Us.
      • This GC is not applicable on the following categories: 1) Mobile handsets and digital products; and 2) Gifts/Gifts coupons category.
      • No two GCs can be clubbed together for placing a single order.
      • The GC issued during this Challenge shall be valid till for a maximum period of 60 days from the date of issue.
      • The GC is not redeemable /refundable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund under any circumstances.
      • If a GC is non-functional on account of any technical reason, then the sole liability of HomeShop18 shall be to reissue/replace the said GC.
      • HomeShop18 shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen GC and no representations in this regard will be accepted in any form or nature.
  • All decisions of HomeShop18 regarding running/process/results of the Challenge shall be final and binding on all participants of this Challenge. No appeals will be entertained in this regard.
  • We reserve the right to reject any claim made under this Challenge, in the event We observe any irregularity and/or if We have reason to believe that a customer has acted in a fraudulent manner and/or engaged in any deceitful activity.
  • Employees (including family members of such employees) of HomeShop18 and its affiliates are not eligible to participate in this Challenge.
  • HomeShop18 does not warrant that its website and call centre will run concurrently and error free during or after the Challenge period.
  • HomeShop18 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, at any time, to amend, remove, and modify any of the terms & conditions of this Challenge or to replace, discontinue or withdraw this Challenge by any other challenge. Any dispute with regard to this promotion is subject to jurisdiction in the courts of Delhi/New Delhi.
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